FBI Picks Up Some Novelty Hard Drives

from the just-in-case-they-need-some dept

With all of the security problems in Los Alamos these days, apparently secrecy is no joking matter. The Black Hole Surplus Store and Museum apparently had some hard drives behind the counter with “secret” labels on them. They’re not for sale, but are really just there to generate conversation with tourists. The FBI apparently wasn’t particularly thrilled with this explanation and have confiscated the hard drive which the owner of the surplus store insists was a joke. Who knows what goes through some people’s minds, but does it really seem likely that someone walking out of Los Alamos with classified info is going to hand it over to the local surplus store?

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Comments on “FBI Picks Up Some Novelty Hard Drives”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

True story

When I was in the Army many years ago, I worked part time at a computer store where all the other employees were also in the military.

One of my co-workers was a Navy Master Chief who worked at the Naval Research Labs near Washington D.C.

We primarily sold Commodore 64 and Amiga items, and there was a very nifty space trivia game called The Haley’s Project, and the manual for the game was made to look like a government document covered with plenty of [TOP SECRET!] rubber stamp markings.

One of my co-worker’s military co-workers asked him to obtain a copy of this game for him and to bring it to him at work.

Last I heard, he had to smuggle the game manual out in his underwear because the guards wouldn’t let him remove documents stamped [TOP SECRET!] even though they obviously weren’t important government doucments…

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