The Rise Of Alternative Keyboards

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As we go increasingly mobile, the question of shrinking the keyboard inevitably comes up. There have been all different concepts from the standard tiny thumb keyboard to things like Digit Wireless’ Fast Tap technology which sneaks letter keys in between the number keys on a phone keypad. Michael Kanellos at is now messing around with the FrogPad, the one handed portable keyboard that uses “chords” (combinations of keys) to type quickly. The biggest worry most people have is that if they already know how to touch type on a QWERTY keyboard, learning something entirely new will be difficult. He finds that there is, indeed, a noticeable learning curve, but with a little practice you can pick it up pretty quickly. The question, though, is whether or not enough people will want to go through that learning process.

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Comments on “The Rise Of Alternative Keyboards”

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1 Comment
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