Bill To Protect VoIP From State Governments, Now Does The Opposite

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A Senate bill that had been designed to get the various greedy states to stop being able to randomly tax VoIP because they feel like it has had a slight amendment added to it, that, well, does the exact opposite. The new amendment calls for everything to remain exactly the way it is right now, which basically defeats the whole point of the bill. As with so much that happens in Congress these days, the reasoning is purely political, rather than what would be in the best interests of the country. The guy who introduced the amendment did so because he was “annoyed” at the time the latest bill was introduced. Governing by grudges. No wonder our political system works so well. The bill also had an additional 911-service requirement amended to it that is apparently more strict than the laws covering existing 911 services. It’s amazing how badly some politicians seem to want to kill off VoIP.

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