The Creativity Of Crowds?

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With all the talk about smart mobs and the wisdom of crowds, everyone seems to be looking at how we’re becoming a collaboration nation — working together to get stuff done. However, when it comes to more creative works of art, it appears the mob mentality doesn’t work so well. In some, more highly structured areas it does seem to work okay. Wikipedia is used as an example, where a large collaborative group has done very creative work. However, more free form artistic works seem to fizzle as the lack of direction basically leads to very little worth talking about. With Wikipedia, the structure is clear and it’s easy to see how someone can add in their own part. Other collaborative art projects get bogged down however, as no one knows where to begin — or where everyone disagrees on where to begin.

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Comments on “The Creativity Of Crowds?”

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dorpus says:

Tell me about it

The Ann Arbor Art Festival is happening right now, the biggest art festival in this part of the country, and it attracts hordes of amateurish artists selling their rainbow-colored kitschery. There was a guy selling his hand-blown glass vases, and I asked him if they are microwavable. He was like “sure,” but I could tell he didn’t like the question at all. Hehehe.

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