Intravenous WiFi

from the pump-that-internet-directly-into-your-veins dept

Now, it’s true that I’ve joked on occasion about how appealing the concept of having an IP-IV system that would pump an internet connection directly into my veins, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for the announcement that Aruba Wireless Networks is working with Sharp HealthCare to build a WiFi-enabled IV pump for hospital use. The idea, of course, is not to pump the internet into your veins (darn!) but to connect the IV drip to a central server that has medical profiles. Now, the announcement goes on and on about security, but how many people would actually feel comfortable having their IV drip governed by a server connected over a WiFi connection?

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Comments on “Intravenous WiFi”

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dorpus says:


Under the current system, premature infants are kept in space capsules that have to be hooked up to wall outlets. Premature infants are extremely fragile creatures that can have heart attacks from having a cold stethoscope pressed against their chest. A wireless injection system may allow more flexibility in treatment, instead of the current system where doctors/nurses rush from capsule to capsule, frantically rubbing stethoscopes to warm them up.

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