Fax.com Sues Those Who Sued It Claiming Unauthorized Practice Of Law

from the oh-come-on dept

You may recall Fax.com is the company that has been found guilty of continuing to send junk faxes in violation of US law numerous times. The company has responded in a fairly questionable way. The FCC has fined them multiple times, which they’ve simply refused to pay. The company then had a few of its employees create “new” companies to continue the Fax.com business under other names. Everyone involved was so secretive about this little scam that in court, the CEO of one of the firms denied he had any relationship with the firm until his lawyer reminded him that he was CEO. Now, the company is getting even more ridiculous. Steve Kirsch had pushed forward the campaign against the company by suing them for $2.2 trillion, which is what he figures they owe based on current junk fax laws they’ve broken. He also set up a website against the company. Fax.com, not shying away from its usual bold moves is now suing him and others who have sued the company claiming that his website is the “unauthorized practice of law,” while encouraging others to file frivolous lawsuits. Apparently, the “authorized” practice of law only involves hiding behind shell companies, not paying FCC fines, lying about corporate associations and (oh yeah) ignoring junk fax laws.

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