Kid Surprised He's Arrested For Mail Bomb

from the define-harmless... dept

A teen in the UK was a bit upset that he was fired from his job, so he downloaded a mailbombing program and proceeded to dump 5 million email messages on his former employer over a period of three days, forcing the firm to shut down their website. The kid seems entirely shocked that this was somehow illegal, because he says the emails, themselves, were “harmless.” He then goes on to brag how he did all of this for free, and has now filed a claim saying he was “unlawfully arrested.” That ought to go over well in court. “Sure, I took down their website by mailbombing them, but it was perfectly legal because the mailbombing software I used was free….”

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Comments on “Kid Surprised He's Arrested For Mail Bomb”

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1 Comment
Anonymous Coward says:

Lowe's sucks

Lowe’s Home Improvement Store kept using a computer to call me several years ago.

For revenge I set up my computer to dial their 800 # and send a FAX tone.

I estimate that I auto dialed that # about 1,500 times … all on their bill.

When the cops showed up @ my house I just played dumb & said jeeze, I was out of town & my computer must have been on the fritz. Since this was back before the average pig knew anything about a computer, he had to accept my reply.

Lowe’s stopped dialing my # with a computer after that 🙂

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