The Apartment Phone (No, The Actual Building)

from the and-you-wonder-where-the-name-comes-from dept

Well, if this isn’t a Friday “Too Much Free Time” story, I’m not sure what is. An eccentric Australian millionaire nicknamed “Crazy John” for a popular chain of mobile phone retail shops (Crazy Eddie should sue — though after his problems with the law, he may not want to go anywhere near a court room) now wants to use some of his millions to build an apartment building in the shape of a mobile phone — complete with number buttons, “end” and “send” buttons, and a “rooftop” antenna. He hasn’t chosen what phone the building will look like, but is hoping that a handset maker will pop up and sponsor the project in return for the landmark advertising. Of course, at the rate handset designs go out of style, this certainly could be risky. Who would really want to live in an obsolete mobile phone shaped building? Also, what would happen if the eventual sponsor wanted it in the shape of a clamshell flip phone?

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