Does Gmail Prove Web Applications Can Work?

from the fast-as-a-desktop-program dept

Simson Garfinkel is still a bit worried about Gmail’s privacy implications, but believes it’s one of the first web applications that performs like a desktop application, and believes that’s what makes it really powerful. The problem many people have had with hosted applications is the speed at which they run compared to similar desktop apps. However, by using some sophisticated javascript code, Gmail loads a lot of stuff into local memory, making it quite fast, despite being a web app. Of course, there are those who believe that in doing so, Gmail also “breaks the web” in that it doesn’t follow typical rules about URLs that a “true” web-based app should follow. There is also the issue, mentioned earlier today about just how safe various online applications are. Either way, it’s looking like the vision of the “network computer” might finally be making a comeback. Update: As if on cue, Broadband Reports points us to a new Gmail exploit that shows how some of your info may be vulnerable.

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Comments on “Does Gmail Prove Web Applications Can Work?”

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Ben (user link) says:


Every time I read about how fantastic GMail is and how great it is that people can write apps in Javascript, I get pissed that the Oddpost guys don’t get a mention.

Oddpost blows Gmail out of the water in terms of javascript features, and (apart from threading) does everything that gmail does and a heap and more.

Their one huuuge problem is that Oddpost (currently) only runs in IE. I imagine with all the bad IE press, they will have a mozilla/firefox compatible version out pretty soon.

Jesper Ib (user link) says:

Gmail, UI

If they would offer me Gmail at work instead of Outlook, I’ll take it any day. The interface is really smart, the label functionality is simple yet efficient – and you can’t beat the search speed. They might be able to keep the html compliance clean by just letting 3rd parties mess it up with stuff like notification tools … you can then just bypass that if you don’t want it.

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