Verizon Wireless' Mobile Web 2.0, Not The Web, Not 2.0

from the but-at-least-it's-mobile dept

Well, it may be mobile, but Verizon’s new Mobile Web 2.0 is hardly the web and it’s hardly 2.0. Over at TheFeature I spent a little time working through the “features and enhancements” they announced and worked out that this is basically an expensive walled garden that has very little that’s compelling to actual subscribers. Clickable headlines!?! What a concept! What will they think of next?

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Comments on “Verizon Wireless' Mobile Web 2.0, Not The Web, Not 2.0”

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dorpus says:


Everyone back in California swore that Verizon has the best coast-to-coast coverage of any carrier, but when I got to Michigan, the coverage was extremely poor. I got Cingular instead, which has awesome reception even in my basement apartment.

Incidentally, cities across Michigan will have dark skies on July 4th in order to save money. Welcome to the Midwest, home of conservative American values… or is that fiscally conservative?

Anonymous Coward (user link) says:


I have 3 Verizon phones on a family plan.
Verizon’s ” Get it Now ” feature is amusing but what I would really prefer is for the FUCKING phone to actually work when used for simple phone calls.

Drop out rate is horrible.

And interestingly enough, ever since Verizon added that stupid ” are you in ? ” free in network calling, I’ve noticed that a very high percentage of calls made to other Verizon users drop. Coincidence ?

Customer Service always tells me that I need to update the 3 phones operating systems by pressing *228 and then choosing option # 2.

It’s a FUCKING phone for Chris sakes !

If the damn thing needs constant updates then perhaps Verizon should use push technology. I can’t find anything in writing that tells me I am responsible for updating an operating system.

I can’t wait till my contract is up in 2 months.
I will buy my own phones and whoever offers the best price per MONTH gets my business.

We don’t sign 2 year contracts with OTHER utilities.

Why do we all put up with these 2 year contracts ?!?!

A supposed free phone isn’t worth the enforced 2 years of poor service.

Suck ass!!!! says:


Go ahead… Go to another carrier… You will find out that any other carrier will be blown away by Verizon’s service on any given day; and you WILL change back!!! I have used the service for over 7 years and never had one problem. Customer service with Verizon blows away all other carriers. My brother has Nextel and can;t even use his phone in his home. It always says “Welcome to Verizon Wireless.” He roams in about 80% of the areas he goes to!!!

Anonymous Coward says:

What a shame

I was really hoping the introduction of the LG- 4500 with its WAP 2.0 support was a positive sign that the next generation mobile web was heading into a Sprint PCS Vision type experience. Boy was I wrong. What’s so special about it? GSM is looking mighty tempting at this point. It will be very interesting to see what Verizon Wireless will do with Bluetooth. I bet they charge you an access fee to use it. lol Hell, they charge for everything else.

Laurie says:

Verizon problem


I need some help getting the word out and would appreciate from anyone who can send this to blogs or other sites they know of.

I am looking for stories (in the last 2 years) from people in the State of Maryland who were incorrectly billed by Verizon and then after trying to solve the problem (and getting nowhere) they were taken to Court and sued by the Company. I have a feeling this is happening to a lot of people out there.

I am most interested in Small business owners but will also take stories from people who have had this problem as long as it happened in Maryland. Please email the short version of the story to titled Verizon Story.


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