Tap On, Tap Off — The Tapper

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Instead of moving things around on a vibrating table using calculated oscillations, how about turning almost any surface into a touch-sensitive interface by measuring vibrations and back-calculating the location of where they originated. By using time-reversal techniques, sounds and vibrations that are picked up by a few sensors can detect, for instance, where someone is tapping on a desktop. This could be used for such applications as switching on/off different devices (watch out, Clapper!). Similar techniques, using several well-placed microphones, could detect where a sniper is shooting from. The computation to do these tasks in real-time is still a bit beyond practical. At the same time, the accuracy (and filtering out interfering sounds) probably needs to be improved, but the technique certainly could eventually be applied to a lot of interesting applications.

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Comments on “Tap On, Tap Off — The Tapper”

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dorpus says:

Wax On Wax Off Daniel-san

What about the same technique in reverse, which takes advantage of well-placed vibrations that harmonize into a giant rogue wave? Then sky scrapers, bridges, and highway overpasses can be brought down with a few well-placed speakers by scr1pt k1dd3s.

As it is, rogue waves can happen spontaneously at sea, if waves overlap the right way.


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