The Man Behind The Bill Gates Email Forwarding Hoax

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Over the years, there have been plenty of different variants on the chain letter urban legend saying that Bill Gates will give you cash for forwarding on the email. A reporter at Wired Magazine began to wonder just how these hoax emails got started. While most of the article goes through how people get suckered into passing on chain letters all the time (and what their reasoning is), he eventually (towards the end of the article) tracks down the guy who started the very first “Bill Gates will give you money for forwarding this email” email. The guy started it as a joke, and never ever expected it to get as far as it did. When it first took off at a ridiculous rate he got scared that he would get in trouble for fraud — but he’s been mostly erased by history. Most of the emails were quickly modified to remove his name (which brings up completely different questions…). When asked why he didn’t want to claim “credit” for one of the longest-living, constantly mutating hoaxes, he responds with what the author calls “one of the greatest social critiques of our age”: “I didn’t really think of that. It’s just a hoax. And if I admitted to it, why would anyone believe me?”

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