Shocker: People Don't Think They Should Be Sued For Downloading

from the um.--they're-not. dept

A new study shows that completely unsurprising results that most people don’t think the RIAA should be suing people for downloading. While the majority of those over 55 had no problem with the lawsuits, under that age barrier they felt the RIAA was going too far. Of course, the RIAA lawsuits are not about downloading. Every one of the lawsuits so far have been about offering songs (i.e., potentially uploading songs) rather than the actual downloading of songs. Still, it certainly suggests that people are getting fed up with the RIAA’s heavy handed tactics.

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Comments on “Shocker: People Don't Think They Should Be Sued For Downloading”

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Anonymous Coward says:

I want everything and I want it free

Of course another conclusion instead of “Fed up with heavy handed tactics” is that the results of this survey point out just how little regard for the property of others many people have today. Is it really surprising that those that are likely to be stealing when asked if they should be held accountable for that stealing say “No”?

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