ABI Says WiFi Leads In Home Networking, Because It Does

This seems sort of like a pointless study, but ABI is claiming that WiFi will remain the top choice for home entertainment applications. They compare it to two other options: powerline networking, which pretty much went out of fashion years ago, and UWB… which doesn’t exist yet. While some have oddly interpreted the study as if it were talking about who is winning the battle today (which wouldn’t make any sense considering the non-existence of UWB), what they’re really discussing is the future potential competition between UWB and WiFi, where they believe WiFi will win because of its headstart and the fact that it can cover larger distances than UWB. Basically, they’re saying UWB’s higher speeds and lower prices may not matter if next generation WiFi is fast enough and already so embedded that it wouldn’t make sense for consumer electronics makers to switch.

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