Election Officials Tied To E-Voting Companies?

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We’ve wondered in the past exactly why so many election officials seem to be so against better electronic voting machines that are much more likely to accurately record the voters’ wishes. Now, some of the people digging up all the dirt on e-voting machines is starting to look at those election officials, and what they’re finding isn’t pretty. The e-voting companies seem to pass on nice little gifts to certain election officials. The article describes one case of a California election official who received a free trip to Florida by an e-voting machine company to help them film an “infomercial.” Think she’s now biased as to which machine they use? The group is now putting together a larger report looking at similar conflicts of interest which they hope to publish later this year.

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Comments on “Election Officials Tied To E-Voting Companies?”

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Permanent4 (user link) says:

Four more years.

This is how the right wing is going to win the 2004 election — by convincing companies that make voting machines to get friendly with election officials and pushing the whole security risk issue under the rug, because those security holes will let them change just enough votes to win Florida and California. When someone steps forward to suggest that the machines were hacked, they will be laughed off, because there’s no paper trail and thus, no proof of tampering. Why else would they approve a law that requires a paper trail, but not until 2006?
The media won’t bother to follow it up, either, because it’s too technical for them, and besides, mass media is all corporate and benefits from the leaders currently in power, so why rock the boat? After all, war gets better ratings than election fraud.
Anybody hiring technical writers in Toronto? I think I can learn to handle really cold winters…

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