Time Warner Still Considering Adding Mobile Service

from the strategic-moves dept

Back in March there was talk that Time Warner might offer mobile phone service under an MVNO relationship (basically rebranding someone else’s mobile phone service similar to what Virgin Mobile does). So, it’s not entirely clear why it’s news that they’re still thinking about it, other than the fact that Reuters discovered the not-so-secret news. Still, when looked at from the perspective we discussed yesterday about how wireless fits into the “triple play” bundle, the story does become a little more interesting. While initially, it may look that cable providers aren’t as well positioned to offer mobile phone service, the rise of MVNO systems could change that. Where it could get tricky, though, is that they have much less control over the technology and the support. If someone buys a bundle of Time Warner cable and a Time Warner mobile phone, they’re not necessarily going to want to have to call two separate places if they need support.

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