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Microsoft Patents The Body Electric

from the bzzzt dept

theodp writes “While others may Sing the Body Electric, Microsoft has patented it. On Tuesday, the USPTO awarded Microsoft a patent for its Method and apparatus for transmitting power and data using the human body, which covers the use of the human body as a conductive medium (bus) over which power, data and control signals may be distributed.”

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Comments on “Microsoft Patents The Body Electric”

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alternatives says:

IBM had demonstrated 'human modems'

IBM had a cig-case sized device that was able to be a 2400 BPS modem and would ‘detect’ when one wearer of the device would touch another wearer.

The idea was ‘to exchage business cards with just a handshake’ VS the ‘beaming’ of a business card in the Newton/Palm model.

With Bluetooth, the ‘need’ “went away”

H?kon Styri (user link) says:

Prior art

At least for the informal discussion US patent 166,096 (aka the “animal tissue patent”) would be a starting point.

Why “animal tissue”?

The patent office initially rejected this application (filed in 1874), on the grounds that one could not patent a circuit which included a person. The patent was accepted when the inventor, Elisha Gray, replaced the person with a reference to animal tissue.

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