Stealth-Based Wallpaper Stops Wi-Fi Signals Dead

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One of the many issues companies bring up in explaining why they won’t install Wi-Fi wireless networks is the “bleeding” issue: the wireless “bleeds” beyond the walls of their building and out into the parking lot, where some creative hackers might be able to get access. Well, if someone’s got a problem, someone else is likely to come along and solve it. British defense contractor BAE has taken some of that stealth bomber material they had lying around and put it up on the walls and discovered it blocks Wi-Fi. In other words, companies could put up this wallpaper and stop the Wi-Fi from bleeding out beyond the walls. Of course, I would imagine that stealth wallpaper doesn’t come cheap.

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Comments on “Stealth-Based Wallpaper Stops Wi-Fi Signals Dead”

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martin g (user link) says:

wifi blocker

Of course it?s possible to block transmissions. There?s a whole industry out there which has been providing such solutions for decades. You can even buy ?radio proof? glass form Pilkington. Got to hand to BAE in their attempt to flog off some left over gear to punters – who don?t know any different. Like selling ?oxygen free copper? speaker cables to hi-fi buffs.

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