Italy Jamming Mobile Phone Cheaters

from the mighty-big-stick dept

The FCC has made it clear that they don’t want people jamming mobile phone signals in the US (though, the government is exempt from those rules). The FCC argues that jamming mobile phone signals is theft of airwaves — but, more importantly, the dangers of someone missing an important call outweigh any benefit of silence. Still, many other countries don’t see it that way, and mobile phone jamming systems are increasingly common in places like theaters (and, even hotels). Now, a school in Italy has decided that mobile phone based cheating is such a big problem that they’re installing phone jammers to stamp out the possibility. Seems like a mighty big stick to pull out to stop some cheating kids. Honestly, I’m still a big confused how most students cheat with mobile phones. While phones are clearly getting smaller and smaller, and kids are quite good at punching in text messages without looking, they’re still fairly large objects compared to traditional cheat sheets.

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