Shocker: DVR Users Use DVR Functionality

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It turns out, believe it or not, that people who have DVR devices like TiVo actually (gasp!) dare to use them to watch TV when they want to. The writer of this article about a study on DVR usage sounds surprised that people who own them don’t tend to watch TV programs when they air, but prefer to wait, even if just to be able to skip commercials. Of course, while TiVo users may see more ads as they fast forward through them, it does sound like plenty of users do still end up watching ads. It’s just that they’re more picky about them. 38% of users do say they fast forward through all the ads they see, but that still leaves plenty who don’t. However, it seems pretty clear that the ads need to at least get their attention. People are no longer passive consumers of media. That doesn’t mean that video-based ads are dead, but just that they need to get more creative.

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Comments on “Shocker: DVR Users Use DVR Functionality”

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Anonymous Coward says:

slow-mo ads?

I’ve just got Dish with DVR, and find that I record everything and watch it later – mainly because everything on Dish is set to Eastern time so things air at weird times in California, but also because I can fast forward the adverts.

The funny thing is, I never used to do this with my VCR, I guess it’s because you have 100 hours capacity to play with instead of 3-6.

I’m just wondering if anyone is working on slow motion adverts that will appear at realtime speed when fast-forwarded!

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