One Step Closer To Teleportation

from the beam-me-up? dept

Nearly three years ago, we wrote about breakthroughs in atomic entanglement that could lead to advancements in quantum computing and teleportation. It seems that much of that research has continued as two separate groups of researchers have now used entanglement to successfully teleport the quantum state of an atom. As the article points out, the fact that two separate research groups came up with similar results (using slightly different methods) is particularly promising. It is amusing, though, to note that just about every article discussing atomic teleportation feels the need to explain that this is nothing like Star Trek style teleportation.

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Comments on “One Step Closer To Teleportation”

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Permanent4 (user link) says:

Teleportation is not the future.

Just ask Spider Jerusalem

Makers are great. No argument. You turn to your maker and say, ?Give me a roast dog leg, tossed salad, a black linen shirt, and a taser,? and bang, out it all comes. Makers aren?t particularly bulky, nor power- thirsty, and an average middle-class family can afford a good one.


Makers are designed to operate with base blocks — superdense chunks of neutral matter which the maker breaks down and recombines into whatever you?ve requested. And base blocks are horrendously expensive. Out of a middle class family?s price range. So the stores sell a converter, that allows the maker to use ordinary garbage as the base. Not as efficient, and the mileage stinks, but there you go.

Which leads me to the city?s new pest. Middle class families raiding the backyards of the lower classes for garbage — because if you?ve got a maker, you don?t make garbage. Only those without makers buy prepackaged food and clothing…

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