Prediction: Spam Will Be Gone In Two Years

from the wanna-bet? dept

A professor from Singapore is now predicting that spam will be gone within two years because we, as a society, won’t permit it to continue. He believes that since so many people hate spam, some sort of solution against this tyranny of the minority will magically present itself. “It [the elimination of spam] will happen within one or two years, simply because it is so intolerable.” While it would be nice if he were right, it’s difficult to be so optimistic.

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Comments on “Prediction: Spam Will Be Gone In Two Years”

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alternatives says:

Re: Some older forms of spam have disappeared

We no longer see cars with blaring megaphones advertising store sales,

Anti Noise laws.

or airplanes dropping discount coupons.

Anti Littering laws.

Door-to-door sales are rare.

Laws banning door to door salesman.

Gee, looks like the basis is enforcable laws, not “because people will find it intolerable”

Tony Lawrence (user link) says:

Re: faulty logic

Well, for various reasons, there are a lot of people who like wars and/or prostitution.

Other than the senders, not too many people like spam, and I bet even those that do send spam hate the spam they get from other people.

But how fast can we stop it? I dunno.. we haven’t done it very well so far. I get 4-5 megabytes worth every single day in spite of multiple levels of filtering and blocking.

Bindu Wavell (user link) says:

What about snail-mail spam?

I’m still being inundated by ads for pizza, warehouse stores, painting companies, investment opportunities, etc in my regular mailbox. Apparently there is enough return on investment that it pays to use all that paper and ink, to “piss off” millions of people and only have a tiny fraction of your campaign respond. I seriously doubt e-spam will just go away because it’s wrong!

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