Spamming Canadian Family Claims They've Changed

from the we're-musicians-now dept

Back in March we wrote about the family that spams together up in Canada that was sued by Yahoo and seemed to be relying on the defense that the son who ran the operation was a “good guy.” It seems they realized that wasn’t going to win over the judge and have now agreed to stop spamming and will pay Yahoo somewhere over $100,000. The “good guy” in question also put out what seems like a somewhat less-than-enthusiastic plea to other spammers to not break the law. He also claims (no, seriously) that he’s now become a rock drummer and will educate children on the dangers of the internet. Is it just me, or does this sound like some sappy after school special? The bad kid with a good heart has learned his lesson and will now play in a rock band and teach others from his mistakes. Somehow, this seems a bit less than sincere.

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