Military To Jam GPS Signals

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If you’re out on a boat on the east coast this week, don’t expect to rely on your GPS navigation system. It appears that the government isn’t just interested in jamming mobile phones for military reasons – but are now testing systems to jam GPS signals along the east coast as well. They’ve been trying to get the message out, but it’s likely that some people out on their boats may find themselves a bit less sure of where they are. Of course, it was partly because of this very threat of US jamming of GPS signals that Europe has been working on their own satellite location system, Galileo – which will be independent of military control. This also might mean that any jamming by the US of GPS won’t much matter once Galileo is up and running.

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Comments on “Military To Jam GPS Signals”

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Richard Parker says:

Deliberate GPS degradation, Galileo, and GPS jammi

Mike, with regard to the Galileo system and GPS jamming, I think you’ve gotten two things backward. First, Europe’s interest in developing its own GPS system is, in part, due to the long-standing ability of the US government to command the GPS system to deliberately degrade the quality of the civilian portion of the US GPS signal, not due to the development of GPS jamming by the US. Second, US interest in GPS jamming is in response to Galileo, not the other way around. If Europe succeeds in deploying their own GPS system, then, in the absence of European cooperation, the US would have to deploy GPS jamming if it wishes to reliably deny accurate location information to its adversaries.

Anonymous Coward says:

What kind of "jamming"?

The referenced article didn’t mention what kind of “jamming” was being tested: internal or external. The military reportedly has the internal ability to disable GPS for non-military users in any area, in effect “jamming” that area. This would affect both GPS navigation devices and cell phones with GPS. Since the military is conducting exercises in the area, they may be simply testing this existing capability. This would be nothing new and would not indicate an ability to externally jam Galileo.
But speaking of Galileo, didn’t I read in the news that Europe had agreed to give the US military the ability to disable Galileo anyway?

Charles W. says:

No Subject Given

I have to agree with the above post. The US GPS system is controled by the military, and they can turn it off whenever they want. No need to jam it. (Better yet, have one or more of the satellites send out corupt signals so that unless your reciever is configured correctly it shows you being x miles from where you really are.)

So if we are looking at how to jam GPS then most likley it is because we don’t trust the people that have control of the other GPS systems to turn them off when we ask.

-Charles W.

koko says:

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