RIAA Wants To Make Sure Radio Sounds Bad

from the such-a-brilliant-strategy dept

Mikester writes in to tell us that the RIAA is complaining that: “Digital radio broadcasts that bring CD-quality sound to the airwaves could lead to unfettered song copying if protections are not put in place.” Not at all surprising, of course, but they’re basically complaining that digital radio – whose whole claim to fame is the quality of the sound – sounds too good.

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Comments on “RIAA Wants To Make Sure Radio Sounds Bad”

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Oliver Wendell Jones (profile) says:

Hello? TV?

My old satellite and current digital cable both carry about 50 all digital, no commercial interruptions music channels that could be easily recorded, digitized, etc.

How come they’re not raising a huge stink about that?

They need to face facts – the genie is out of the bottle and they need to find a new way to get music to people that is easy, non-restrictive and affordable – take away the incentive to copy and people just might stop.

I’ve downloaded maybe 10-12 songs since the iTunes Music Store launched, where I used to download a couple dozen each month. Now it’s just easier to go buy it for $0.99 and get it delivered digitally without having to double-check and make sure it’s not some crappy recording that cuts off the last 4 seconds of the song, or is just the chorus repeated over and over, or Madonna cursing at me…

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