Learning To Love The Dead Zones

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People like to complain about wireless dead zones all the time, but for all the talk of ubiquitous wireless connections, there’s something to be said for dead zones that keep you disconnected. While it does seem to make some people angry, there’s something oddly refreshing about being forced out of contact for a while. The article linked above suggests that companies and schools will specifically build deadzones – but there’s really no evidence that’s true. In fact, everything suggests the opposite – where everyone will be connected everywhere they go. Of course, there’s a simple solution if you need a deadzone: turn off your wireless devices or just leave them somewhere else.

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Comments on “Learning To Love The Dead Zones”

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DV Henkel-Wallace says:

Re: more lawsuits

sues the builder or the organization that owns or leases the business for not posting a warning about possible dead zones

You laugh, but here in California the standard Realtor? disclosure statement has for a while included a disclosure as to whether you know there’s a problem with television reception.

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