Censorship To The People!

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Just as Vietnam has been forcing internet cafes to register their users and report the uploading or downloading of “bad information”, China has apparently realized that they can’t censor the internet effectively on their own. So, they’ve now created a nice little site where anyone can be a good citizen and report on their neighbors for being bad information purveyors online. It’s unclear if there’s any sort of “reward” for being so forthcoming, but how long will it be until people start reporting the government’s own websites and other such information as being questionable?

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Comments on “Censorship To The People!”

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dorpus says:

This system was already there

China has always relied on an informal network of informants to root out dissidents. Formal intelligence agencies are small.

This is also true of much of international espionage — intelligence agencies cannot do their work without a large network of informers and collaborators. Immigrants are often recruited by intelligence agencies from their country of origin, as politically incorrect as that may sound. The Russians have been known to send womanizers to befriend American women, and coax them into working for the FBI/CIA/military to pass on secrets. (Of course, we probably return the favor.)

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