AskJeeves Buys Their Way Into Desktop Search

from the the-little-engine-that-could-buy dept

While Google has made news for its plans to launch a desktop search tool that would compete with Microsoft’s desktop search tool in Longhorn (should, you know, that ever get released), AskJeeves continues to putter away quietly in the background buying up small companies and expanding their own offerings. The latest is that, rather than build up a desktop search offering, they’ve gone out and bought Tukaroo, a provider of desktop search tools. It will be interesting to see if AskJeeves starts to get more attention, or if they remain quietly in the background.

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Comments on “AskJeeves Buys Their Way Into Desktop Search”

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They’re some pretty sharp cookies at askjeeves. I wouldn’t count them out just yet. It would be interesting to see these search tools incorporated with their language recognition software they’ve developed. Being in the background is not bad for a company. I don’t know if you could say the spotlight is good for anyone. Look at how far google has strayed from their core mission because of it. Yeah, keep a close eye on that butler. He might have a couple tricks up his sleeve.

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