Clawing Your Way To The Top Of Google

from the and-then-what? dept

If you haven’t been following it (and it really hasn’t been that interesting to follow) a bunch of folks mostly in the search engine optimization space have been running a contest with a phrase (“nigritude ultramarine”) which originally gave zero results on Google, to see who could be the very top link on Google at the end of a month. They’ve just announced the winner of part one. Now, there’s a part 2, which is to see whether or not the winner can hold onto top spot. The contest is designed to test out a variety of theories on how to game Google (whether legitimately or not) to see how well they work. So far, it seems that the search engine spam method of getting plenty of links back to a particular site has been the most effective – but it’s a bit scary to see just how many “nigritude ultramarine” results there are so quickly. In the meantime, I wonder if anyone approached Google’s own search engine optimization team to see if they could beat a bunch of outsiders?

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