The Website Made Me Do It…

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Oliver Wendell Jones writes “In Japan, they are now looking at blaming the regular use of the internet for the recent death of a student, slain by another student, reportedly for retaliation for the victim saying bad things about the attacker’s wardrobe on her website.” When you can’t blame someone else, I guess you have to look for something else to blame. Personal responsibility is so last millennium.

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Comments on “The Website Made Me Do It…”

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1 Comment
dorpus says:

As I was saying

I followed this story 2 days before it appeared in English media. The attacker was short for her age and the victim was tall for her age. The attacker and victim were best friends, and they talked about becoming anime illustrators when they grew up. The attacker is from a poor family — her mother works at a supermarket, her dad is bedridden, she has 5 siblings. She went to a small school for well-to-do kids, and the victim came from a single parent family but was well-to-do. The attacker’s mother made her quit the basketball club last winter, which turned her antisocial. She expressed hostility against her classmates on more than one occasion. The victim, tall and popular, made fun of the attacker’s hairstyle on more than one occasion recently, which made her snap.

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