Hyatt Wants To Charge For WiFi

Alternate title: how I found other hotels to stay at. These days, practically every hotel is making sure that they offer free WiFi in some manner (even if a few are struggling with exactly how to make this work). It makes guests feel more welcome towards the hotel, and plenty of hotels have shown that it more than pays for itself in letting the staff use it as well. However, Hyatt has apparently been convinced to go in the other direction and has done a deal with T-Mobile to offer T-Mobile’s hotspot service in their hotels – meaning that it will be quite costly for those who don’t already have T-Mobile service. All this is likely to do is to drive many travelers (for example: me) to make sure we avoid Hyatts when traveling. Certainly, a few people will pay up and use T-Mobile, but it seems unlikely that the few bucks they get out of it will make up for the lost business of those who decide to stay in hotels that offer guests what they want.

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