Music Labels To Use New Copy Protection To Prevent CD Burning

from the bye-bye-mix-CDs dept

As if anyone didn’t see this one coming… The various music labels are now experimenting with new copy protection technology on (what they’d still like to call) CDs that would limit the number of times you could burn a copy of the CD. Basically, they’ll now be spending more money (which will be passed on to consumers) to make sure the product you buy does less. Doesn’t seem like the greatest of business strategies, but the industry isn’t known for its longterm thinking. In the meantime, it will take less than a day for the real counterfeiters to get around this technology, and the only people who will actually be inconvenienced are people trying to burn a copy for fair use, who will suddenly find they can’t do what is perfectly legal to do.

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Comments on “Music Labels To Use New Copy Protection To Prevent CD Burning”

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NOBODY (user link) says:

No Subject Given

So it’s another step. You burn files to your computer at a high bit rate as Mp3 or whatever format, recompile, burn, and that’s it. Oops, did I just violate the DCMA?

But seriously,
it’s not something that would be hard to do. And that’s true of anything they could cook up that will work with current CD technology, which they essentially invented in the first place.

I have a hard time believing they couldn’t have put in workable copy protections for CD’s 25 years ago when they were developing the technology. Now, it’s just too late.

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