Deconstructing The Email Disclaimer

from the let's-take-this-apart dept

We’ve all seen them (if we don’t have them at the bottom of all of our corporate email signatures): the ridiculously huge email “disclaimers” that many companies require their employees to tack onto the end of each and every email they send out. This process could easily be carried out on any such disclaimer, but someone over at Slate decided to pick on Time Warner and send a lawyer through the disclaimer, making notes along the way, pointing out (as you probably already knew) that such a disclaimer holds little, if any, legal weight, in part because it always seems to appear at the bottom of the email when it’s really too late to agree to it before actually reading the email in question.

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Comments on “Deconstructing The Email Disclaimer”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Load of bunk

Yeah, I just love all that legal mumbo-jumbo. If you sent me the email and you were dumb enough to send it to the wrong recipient, thats not my problem, that’s yours.

Faxes used to always have that crap too stating something to the effect that I was REQUIRED to inform them of THEIR error & destroy the fax in question.

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