People Getting More Comfortable With Online News

from the dipping-their-toe-in-the-weather dept

It appears, not surprisingly, that a very large percentage of Americans use the internet to read news – however, many claim that it hasn’t subtracted from their use of other sources of news. Of course, the most popular “news” to check online is the weather – which some may not really consider news. Still, many people do check their national news online, though they tend to stick to traditional sources (such as their ISP’s home page or their local newspaper’s website). Again, this shouldn’t be that surprising. There is a reason the mainstream is called the mainstream. What will be more interesting, however, is how these numbers continue to change over time, and whether or not readers become more comfortable with non-traditional sources (or if their own traditional sources start including more information from other non-traditional sources) and how that changes our perception of the news.

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