An Ode To The Hard Drive

from the don't-knock-it... dept

You know it’s likely to be a slow news day when the first thing you turn up is, basically, an ode to the unsung hard drive. Hard drives are, admittedly, a fairly unsexy business. Then again, you might think the same thing about semiconductors – and they seem to get plenty of attention. Either way, storage is very important to consumers – as the article notes in looking at how quickly people focus on the size of their iPod hard drives or just how much space their Gmail account really has. Even the leading people in the storage business are quite colorful and certainly unique, which should get them much more attention. However, when it’s all said and done, no matter how important your hard drive is (just think how people react when their hard drives die), and no matter how quickly they improve in just how much data they can hold, not too many people find themselves particularly interested in the “boring” hard drive business.

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