Internet Language Barriers

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To get around the internet, you have to speak the language. And that language is largely English. Not that there aren’t other languages that function perfectly well on the internet, but the languages that use non-English characters first have to agree on a character standard. So it might take awhile for an Arabic character standard to be set since the Arabic alphabetic conveys at least four major languages and is widely used in more than 30 countries. With about 4.5 billion non-English speaking people in the world, it should only be a matter of time before the internet is more non-English-friendly.

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Comments on “Internet Language Barriers”

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aNonMooseCowherd says:

the usual Reuters trash

As usual for Reuters, the article is poorly written and gives the incorrect impression that it’s talking about languages, while really the issue here is just one of character set encoding: how to standardize on a representation of non-ASCII characters in domain names. See for an overview.

The point in the article about different but similar names is akin to the difference between British and American spelling of English words.

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