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Comcast And T-Mobile Partner For Outdoor Hotspot

Well, it appears from this WirelessWeek article that T-Mobile and Comcast are going to launch an outdoor hotspot at Philadelphia’s 250-year-old Headhouse Square Plaza. Strange that a single future hotspot deployment is considered newsworthy. Instead, here’s some news you can use from Techdirt: Don’t expect to be able to send any e-mail from this Hotspot! Comcast, by virtue of being the ISP that harbors a high number of SPAMmers, has seen most or their IP addresses added to blacklists, which other ISPs and corporations use to filter out SPAM. This means that many e-mails sent from Comcast-provisioned computers will be unceremoniously dumped at their point of arrival (this applies to home cable-modem users, too). This problem will persist until Comcast cleans house. Advice to T-Mobile: Don’t get dragged down by your partner. Make sure your partner signs a tight SLA, and ensure compliance.

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