Beyond TiVo: The Next Generation (Of Ads)

from the I'm-A-Dr.-Not-An-Advertiser dept

Just as TiVo gets users to (sort of) see more commercials, the next generation of PVRs is planning a new form of advertising to deliver more targeted marketing (and maybe even more ads). Forget about all this skipping 30 seconds stuff, no one will be able to avoid the video-on-demand menus covered in targeted ads. But before the anti-ad folks have a fit, this might actually mean the ads you see are the ads you don’t mind seeing.

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Comments on “Beyond TiVo: The Next Generation (Of Ads)”

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::CORY:: says:

No Subject Given

Dish Network has apparently started testing a new form of ads for PVR users.

The other day I came home to find a 7minute commercial for their services, etc automatically recorded and left for me as a nice little present.

I was easily enough deleted, but I believe they are testing the waters for consumer feedback on such things.

Nate says:

Re: No Subject Given

The prerecorded thing has been a TiVo staple for as long as I’ve owned the box (1999 I think it was). Discovery Channel plays the ads (called Teleworld I believe) at a certain time on a certain day each week/month and the box records it. There are signals in the recording to tell the TiVo how to split it up.

JD says:

No Subject Given

I really don’t like ads. I don’t enjoy watching them for any reason. I’ve never bought anything because of an ad I’ve seen. When I am ready to buy something, I will research articles, reviews, etc., but to buy something based on an ad I’ve seen would be ridiculous.

I’ve had a similar scenario with a telemarketer. I told him I wasn’t interested before he told me what he was pitching and he said “…how do I know I’m not interested, I haven’t told you yet.”

It’s simple. Whatever you’re pitching I don’t want it. If I wanted it, I’d go get it without prompting from you. If you have to talk me into it, I must not need/want it.

mhh5 says:

Re: No Subject Given

WOW. You’re saying that you’ve NEVER been influenced to buy something from an ad? Have you ever bought anything on sale? Ever use a coupon?

But I guess you’re saying that you might use a coupon, but you’ll seek out that coupon somehow instead of wanting it to be delivered to you in some “convenient” way….?

While I can appreciate not enjoying spam, I think you’ve taken your hatred of ads a bit far… But that’s just my opinion. If you hate ads that much, I’ll try not to give you any….

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