Spam Fines For Singapore

from the why-don't-they-just-cane-spammers dept

If you thought US laws to prevent spam were ineffective and misguided, this link should be amusing. Singapore is considering a 58 cent fine per spam email. No details on how that fine was reached or what the definition of spam will be, but if the Singaporean government can stop spam, no one will complain. However, spammers are a notoriously difficult lot to hunt down, and maybe especially so, if the threat of caning could be an option.

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Comments on “Spam Fines For Singapore”

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NOBODY (user link) says:

No Subject Given

This is an instance where we should embrace free trade in the spirit of international communication and friendship. And if it stops the spam coming from singapore, all the better. Spammers shouldn’t be too hard to track down if the governments here and there work together. I think Koria should also adopt such a policy, and both should be taken in by the united states for a modest %5 of the total fines levied. We could spend it on the war, or better yet, education! I would pay to see that… not that I’m a spammer or anything… no really… wasn’t me… Just kidding…. or am I?

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