Senior Execs Dig Broadband

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Well, it looks like we may finally be getting past the era when senior execs still needed their emails printed out by an assistant, so they can read them on paper. 99% of senior executives surveyed now use the internet at work, and 97% use it at home. In fact, 77% have broadband access at home, and many use PDAs and wireless technologies (both handheld devices and wireless networking) in their homes. When they’re online, it seems like they do just about what you’d expect them to do: a fair amount of time is spent doing email. When they surf the web, they’re most likely to be reading business news (which, one hopes, includes a daily visit to Techdirt). They also have no problems buying things online, with approximately 80% buying airline tickets and books or reserving hotel rooms online. It seems clear that the era of the completely clueless senior exec when it comes to the internet is quickly fading away.

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Comments on “Senior Execs Dig Broadband”

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Where are my liver pills? says:

Who has the clue?

I’d venture that “Senior Execs” are still just as clueless as ever, they just have clueful high school age children and recent college graduate personal assistants who do all the ordering and configuration for them.

Just because the guys on the Board carry a PDA doesn’t mean really know how to use it, all they need to know is that when the chime goes off, look at the screen to see where their next appointment is, all carefully typed in and updated by their personal assistant (the cute girl in the short skirt in the outer office; completely analog technology).

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