Online Advertising May Get Less Annoying As The Market Improves

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Since the online advertising has rebounded (quite a bit), one very good consequence might be the fact that we’ll actually be seeing fewer intrusive and annoying ads. When the ad market was struggling, publishers were willing to go with ever more intrusive and annoying ads, because advertisers were willing to pay more for them (stupidly believing that the more they annoyed users, the more they may buy from them). Lazy marketers have been spending lots of time trying to come up with more intrusive ways to get around the various blocks people have put up to stop intrusive and annoying advertising. Of course, this is even more pointless than just coming up with intrusive advertising in the first place. Specifically getting around a requested block tends to bring out quite a bit of anger in users – which doesn’t seem likely to lead to a favorable buying decision for the advertiser. However, now that the market has rebounded, and publishers are realizing they’re competing for visitors, not ad dollars, they’re able to be a lot more picky in the ads they’ll offer. They are more focused on not annoying their users with such intrusive ads, and making sure the user experience is much more welcoming. Of course, this doesn’t mean they won’t be seduced by newer formats – but it does mean visitors should let sites know when they find the advertising intrusive and annoying.

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