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Last week we posted about Google’s desktop search tool (codenamed Puffin), and here come the stories on how the move pits Google against Microsoft. While that might not be too far from the truth, the article’s suggestion of a Google-Lindows partnership to take on Microsoft seems a bit of a stretch. But what about a Google-branded (GMozilla?) browser? It wouldn’t be surprising if there’s a Google employee spending his 20% “free” time on making a Google browser that is Google-ad-friendly. (The press would go crazy over that, as would the privacy freaks.) Competing directly with Microsoft will probably bring a lot of headaches for Google. So maybe the best way to compete with Microsoft is to ignore them and simply continue to produce useful products.

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Comments on “Google On Your Desktop”

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Jarle (user link) says:

There's already a browser that uses Google Ads

Just thought I would remind you that the norwegian browser Opera already uses Google Ads for advertisments. Its available as an option to the banner ads shown in the free-for-ads version of the browser.

I don’t mind the targeted ads at all. And if they get too much – I can shell out ~37 dollar to get rid of them.

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