Wireless Data Needs Marketing, Not A Killer App

IDC is predicting that there won’t be one single killer app for wireless data, but that many different applications will help drive usage. However, partly because there won’t be one overwhelming application, mobile data services will require much more of a marketing effort than voice services – which “sold themselves.” Of course, some could interpret this to mean that IDC just hasn’t seen what the “killer app” for wireless data will be – but there are some good lessons here. Too often, companies in new areas feel they need to wait for “the killer app” before a market will take off. A few years ago, I did a presentation called “If you’ve got the killer app, how come I’m not dead yet?”, where I suggested that killer apps don’t come along on purpose – and focusing on one is a waste of time. Instead, companies should focus on making applications and services that solve a real need. The killer app may come out of that accidentally. However, actually trying to invent “the killer app” never gets anyone anywhere.

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