Americans Closing The Gap On Text Messaging

While text messaging has been huge in Europe and Asia, it’s been a bit behind the curve in the US. The latest Enpocket study, though, says that the US is catching up in the text messaging arena. This isn’t a huge surprise. Of course, the study then says that MMS will follow a similar curve – but their rationale seems a bit weak. They basically say because more people have camera phones, they’re going to use MMS more. Of course, the reason more people have camera phones is because, increasingly, if you buy a higher end phone, it’s going to come with a camera whether you want it or not. Just because it’s there, doesn’t mean people will definitely use it. Also, recent studies have suggested that MMS isn’t catching on as fast as people hoped, and even people who do use it for things like moblogging, tend to experiment a bit at first, but then use it less and less.

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