The Success Of Online Pizza Ordering

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Back in 2000, when we first heard about the concept of online pizza ordering, we were skeptical. Admittedly, it wasn’t so much the idea of ordering pizza online, but the fact that someone wanted to create a “pizza portal” where you could order from whatever pizza maker you wanted. However, the general concept of ordering pizza online has really taken off – though, mostly directly from the websites of the pizza places – rather than in a competitive portal. By 2002, it looks like those individual pizza places had started to figure it out and many more were offering the ability to order online. More recently, they’ve started adding tie-ins with other services, such as the ability to get a free DVD with each order. Now, however, the latest reports show that online pizza ordering can be quite lucrative for a pizza place. One such popular pizza joint is doing 10 to 12% of their business through their online interface with some shops hitting 18%. Again, though, it turned out to be an issue of execution. The article discusses how they were careful to make the online interface very user friendly.

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Comments on “The Success Of Online Pizza Ordering”

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Rootman says:

Anything's got to be better than . . .

“XYZ Pizza can you hold please . . .” and listening to moronic muzak (if anything). I’ve been cut off and (accidentally?) hung up on many occasions. I called back once and quickly shouted “NO, I WILL NOT HOLD, I’ve been cut off twice now”. What do you expect for minimum wage – or less in the case of part timers and teens.

I’ve gotten my order messed up over the phone so many times it’s not funny, I’d welcome something like this as long as it meant better service.

AMetamorphosis says:

Re: Anything's got to be better than . . .


The internet won’t fix pizza places from #$%^ing up your order.
You will type it in correctly & the stoner on the other end will still read it incorrectly.

It’s just like fast food … I go in to get my take out order and always open the bag and inspect the contents prior to leaving to make sure they got it correct.
Has anyone ever noticed they ALWAYS short and order but NEVER put extra items in by mistake ?

MyPizza (user link) says:

Online Pizza Ordering

And there are also vendors such as my company,
MyPizzaPlaceOnline who are offering 3rd party web-based ordering tools for restaurants who can’t afford to hire a professional to custom develop an entire proprietary system…

We offer the same amazing product but at an affordable price!

Online Ordering with

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