Online Church Tries To Virtually Smite Blasphemers

from the logout-sinners! dept

It’s almost amazing it took this long. Last week, lots of people were talking about a new virtual online church set up by the Bishop of London, which let online worshipers set up 3D avatars and explore the virtual church. However, with such an open space, it didn’t take long for people to login with the user name “Satan” and start preaching things that the church was unlikely to approve. Apparently, there are “cyberwardens” who have a “smite” button (I couldn’t make this up if I tried), but they haven’t been effective in keeping out the troublemakers. To deal with it, they’ve been trying to make it more difficult for the e-blasphemers to communicate with others. They’ve turned off a function that would let people announce things to everyone in the church and have kept visitors off the virtual pulpits. They’re also looking for more people to hand the virtual smite button to (which doesn’t seem particularly worthy of the “love thy neighbor” philosophy, but that’s besides the point…), which only means the e-blasphemers will be trying their best to get their hands on the smite button as well. How long until they take over the church?

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