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But Does It Oscillate, Rotate, Spin, Pulsate Or Vibrate?

from the very-important-features dept

It started with toothbrushes, but apparently the hot thing in devices that never seemed to need battery power in the past is to toss in a battery and make them oscillate, rotate, spin, pulsate or vibrate. Apparently such battery-powered actions are showing up in toothbrushes, razors, dish brushes, pot scrubbers and stain removing devices. There are mixed opinions on whether or not such buzzing movement actually helps the device do a better job of what it’s supposed to do, but some people insist it makes whatever chore they’re using the device for more fun.

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Comments on “But Does It Oscillate, Rotate, Spin, Pulsate Or Vibrate?”

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HoppyToad says:

Spinning Things

My kid begged me to her get a spinning toothbrush, and for a few weeks she looked forward to brushing her teeth. Now that phase has passed, and we’re back to using manual brushes. The battery powered motors are also showing up in things that are already fun, like lollipops. I suppose the spinning toothbrushes go well with the spinning lollipops.

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