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Police Don't Like Speed Cameras Either

from the harming-their-relationship-with-the-public dept

We’ve had a bunch of stories about how speed cameras don’t seem to work very well, and now, even some police officers are against them, saying that they are “harming their relationship with the public.” They’re worried that people are blaming the speed camera mishaps on police who just want to bring in more revenue. They want a study conducted on whether or not the cameras are actually needed. Of course, another interpretation of the police being against the cameras is they’re afraid that they’re about to be automated out of a job. This explains why much of the discussion focuses on why a human police officer can do a better job than a camera.

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Comments on “Police Don't Like Speed Cameras Either”

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John Jorsett says:

Why stop with speed?

Using computer and GPS technology we can now record all aspects of how and where a car is being driven and transfer it to the authorities via the cellular phone system. Make an illegal left turn? Citation. Didn’t use your turn signal? Another citation. Too fast? Too slow? Rolling stop? Failure to yield? Citation, citation, citation, citation. My state of California could balance its budget overnight! And then there’s the concept of “virtual tollways” where the mere presence of your car at particular places at particular times can qualify you for a “use” fee. This system would make that easy. More revenue for government! We could finance a magnificent public transportation system with the vast torrents of cash coming in. And we’ll need to, because no human being will be able to afford the fines and fees involved in driving a private vehicle. Welcome to the future.

carp says:

Don't work?

Speed cameras don’t work? Excuse me? Please don’t believe all the crap put out by the voluble anti-camera brigade. My wife works with traffic accident statistics. The real data: cameras substantially reduce the number of accidents. End of story. People don’t like cameras because they infringe their god driven right to drive as dangerously as they please with no consideration for others. Heaven forfend that it takes them 10 minutes longer for their journey. Just wait till the oil runs out is all I can say….

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