Man Angry At Mobile Phone Service, Starts Throwing Phones

from the ouch dept

These days, with things like number portability around, if you don’t really like your mobile phone provider, you can simply change providers. Apparently, that wasn’t what a man in North Dakota wanted, though. He went to the local Verizon Wireless store, pissed off about something, and when yelling at employees (his original intention) didn’t satisfy him, he started to fling mobile phones around the store causing $2,000 worth of damages and injuring (not badly) an employee. Of course, you have to wonder about his claim that he only intended to yell at employees. Before he started his fling fest he apparently took off his shirt (?!?) and put on safety goggles. Amusingly, this was done at a Verizon Wireless store – and Verizon Wireless tends to get some of the best marks for customer service.

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Comments on “Man Angry At Mobile Phone Service, Starts Throwing Phones”

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Anonymous Coward says:

Re: No Subject Given

from friends of mine that have verizon wireless, they complain that verizon requires an added fee for detailed/itemized billing and that verizon doesn’t offer time stamps for their voicemail system. so if your phone is not working for a weekend and you have 5 voice mails, you don’t know if they’re all from the same day or spread out. Those seem like features most people would expect for free…

Glenn says:

No Subject Given

Random related comment: I’ve been on Spring wireless for almost 5 years now, and without a contract for the past six months. They cold called me on Friday, offered me an extra 100 anytime minutes and a 7pm Night start time for free if I signed a 2 year agreement. Without telling you what exactly I’m getting now, it’s a ridiculously cheap offer for my $32/month that I can’t come close to matching anywhere else, so I signed up. I wonder how much market share Sprint is quietly ‘buying’ through this type of program?

Glenn says:

Re: Sprint and lying

I take it all back. I looked up my new billing statement today (which starts today) and the jerks lied to me. They signed me for a 2 year agreement with a $5 extra charge for the 7pm start time, and only gave me 80 minutes more than what I have… but with the minutes, they took off 100 minutes from my plan, and issued 180 “courtesy” minutes which I understand can be removed at any point in time. Sprint may not be my provider for much longer than today afterall.

Betty says:

verizon sucks

The people at verizon do not help you in anyway and are the worst phone service I have ever had thus far ( 22 years). I think that man was correct in showing them his anger…. verizon does not return phone calls, calls my house and harrasses me for no reason, can’t stand them. I am paying off my 2 year contract, just to get rid of them.

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