Flying WiFi – Good For Your Health Too

from the not-just-for-downloading-music-in-the-air dept

While everyone is talking about how Connexion’s WiFi-in-the-sky system is launching with Lufthansa, allowing people to have full internet access while they fly (for a fairly reasonable price, as well), some are pointing out the additional benefits beyond creating one more place where you can be “always on.” Now, in the event that someone gets sick on the flight, the crew will use the internet connection to transfer data to an emergency doctor unit on the ground in order to get medical advice remotely. Once again, the unintended (good) consequences of wireless connections are showing up very quickly.

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Comments on “Flying WiFi – Good For Your Health Too”

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1 Comment
msykes says:


Haven’t airplanes always been able to transmit data to the ground? I mean if somebody was sick you’d think the pilots could radio the relevant info in, they hardly need an internet connection for this.

On the other hand this way some passengers can always google for some surgical procedures and perform an emergency operation in the air with that fancy airplane cutlery…


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